20 free presets for Pro Soloist
by Cherry Audio

Without any doubt, Cherry Audio's Pro Soloist is one of the most expressive soft synths ever. You play this synthesiser with a finesse and sensitivity like walking barefoot through nature.

The presets in this free pack are calibrated using a regular channel aftertouch keyboard. MPE and PolyTouch are wonderful but this comes incredibly close. Check it out and watch the video!

90 Presets for Octave Cat
by Cherry Audio

The legendary Cat by Octave has had a flawless reincarnation thanks to Cherry Audio.

Octave Cat is now fully polyphonic and has a wonderful sequencer on board. Perfect for ambient music as well as for Berlin School inspired synthesizer music. Watch the video and listen to the demos to get an idea of what we've created for you this time. All sounds are custom made and of course all come from the incredible Octave Cat!

This legendary semi-modular synthesiser by Korg has been immortalised in software by Cherry Audio.

The instrument excels with its unmistakable characterful sound and its three fully independent polyphonic units. It was a pleasure to work on this preset bank for several weeks. Listen to the demos to get an idea of what we've created for you. All sounds are custom made and of course all come from the wonderful PS-3300!

PS-3300: Presets 01-50
PS-3300 Live Improvisation on YouTube

Coming Soon

 The Vital Sound Of Merlin
Ambient Pigments

50+ TSOM signature ambient sounds for Vital. Here's a small sneak preview of what's to come quite soon. It will be worth waiting for.

6 Free Vital Presets!
Meantime you'll get six pad presets from this upcoming set for free. No strings attached of course.

The demos you can listen to below are live solo performances of these 6 free presets. No external FX have been used. This is only Vital.

50+ TSOM signature ambient sounds for Arturia Pigments.

This Reason refill is based on the legendary sound taken from an old but still fit MiniKorg-700 from 1975 that has been sitting here in our studio for ages.

About us:

The Sound Of Merlin wants to share the magic and beauty of music and sound design with you. We create preset packs for synthesizers, music loops and phrases, and sampled instruments.