Synthesizer Sounds and Samples
The Sound Of Merlin wants to share the magic and beauty of music and sound design with you. We create preset packs for synthesizers, music loops and phrases, and sampled instruments.

We are a collective of independent musicians, sound designers and producers working for international clients.

Online presence
On our YouTube channel, we post tutorial videos and product reviews. Our SoundCloud page is there for you to listen to our music. In the near future, we will also distribute our music through other streaming services.

Buy our products
We sell our music and our products at fair and affordable prices and we will never join the craze of sales and seasonal discounts.

Showcasing some of our work

In the playlist you see on the right, you can listen to finished tracks, each recorded with just one synthesiser. No samples were used. All of our custom presets were created and played on the same synth.

Most of these synths can be downloaded for free on the internet. Some like Vital and Surge XT are now legendary and similarly popular as some synths you have to pay quite a lot of money for. Other synths used in this playlist are relatively unknown but no less awesome. In the future, we will pay a lot of attention to free software and donationware as the developers and their work deserve all the attention and everyone's gratitude.